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Teeth Whitening

It’s what affordable dental dentist is Known For

71% of women and 58% of men agree: Teeth are the first thing we notice in a companion! 8 out of 10 adults surveyed said that their new & improved smiles improved their lives.
Discoloration of the teeth, stains, or spot are results of coffee, food, and deterioration of the teeth. Natural teeth are white. Every white object gets darker over time. That nature and we are part of it.

White teeth send a message: I take care of myself, top to bottom. It’s never too late to have an attractive white smile. Today is a good day to start.

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There are many short and affordable dental treatments you can try. At affordable Dental, we focus on your oral health and your appearance. While Oral health is most important, looking good is important for your mental health. Having a white smile builds your confidence. It improves your social standing and mental health.

There are many procedures for whitening teeth, the question is which one is best for you?

100% of people agree: A Free visit to affordable Dental gives you a clear answer.

Some patients think that braces are the answer, we say think again. You may just need some minor changes and teeth whitening. A visit to Paya Dental and a free consultation with one of our Cosmetic specialists will put you on the right track.

Often we have patients that ask for veneers or implants when the only thing they need is a small procedure. At Paya Dental, we care about your oral health, your smile, your overall facial appearance AND your pocketbook. If a short and small tooth whitening procedure will make you shine that’s what we will recommend.

Note: If you have a bite problem or inflammation it can lead to jaw issues, especially if you are over 35. Call us now (855) 662-1010. We can kill the bacteria fast and fix your bite and teeth.


Healthy habits lower the risk for cavities and gum disease. Improving the health and appearance of your smile comes with professional teeth whitening.


It’s a Fact. Having bad teeth is like having bad acne on your nose. When you open your mouth, people will immediately notice your white smile after your teeth whitening procedure. Don’t live in denial of the impact healthy looking teeth have.


Healthy teeth can be stained. Unhealthy teeth can be white. But some stains can indicate an underlying health problem. Checking the stains can prevent a bigger oral problem.


Cost is always important. Self-esteem, social standing, and relations are also important. Don't let stained or yellow teeth damage your daily life and social interactions. The cost of teeth whitening is small compared to the huge benefits.


Natural Look. Resist Coffee, Tea Stains, And Cigarette Smoke. Ask If Veneers are Right For You.

The first impression is everything. Having yellow teeth or spotted teeth is a big turn-off. Men and women generally agree that yellow teeth are a turn-off and a deal breaker at worst. When asked why, most people say: “If a person can’t take care of their mouth what can he or she take care of well?” Teeth whitening is a fast and inexpensive procedure. Why wait?

Causes for Yellow Teeth


  • Age – it’s natural. Everything white gets discolored over time.
  • Genetics. Genetic can affect teeth color and enamel.
  • Cigarettes. Tar and nicotine turn everything yellow.
  • Coffee contains acids that remove and stain tooth enamel.
  • Red wine.
  • Dietary behavior.

Keep your teeth white
Practice healthy oral hygiene.
Consider using a straw to bypasses your front teeth
Consider touch-up whitening treatments.

Romi after a whitening treatment


We treat everyone in our diverse community equally. Our patients, their families, friends, and associates are treated with dignity and respect.


We keep the highest standards and professionalism. We believe personal responsibility and customer service builds the trust our patients want in a great dental clinic.


We treat our patients, their families, and co-workers with understanding and empathy.


Paya Dental Care is committed to maintaining your oral, emotional, and spiritual well-being.