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A smile is a friend maker, a free therapy,
add a smile to everything you wear.

  • Clear braces. No pain. Easy.

  • More smiling and less worrying

  • Do it now, it is affordable


Clear braces before and after

Before & After

"There are hundreds of languages in the world,but a smile speaks them all"

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Affordable Clear Braces

Affordable Clear Braces

  • Monitor by a Doctor.

  • Invisible

  • Comfortable and Removable

  • Easy brushing and flossing teeth

  • Eat anything you want

  • Fewer dentist visits

  • Outcome - Charming smile.


We made clear braces affordable to all

We made denture affordable to all

We offered the smile you deserve affordable.

Clear braces are Aligners that straight your teeth and give you a charming smile. The aligners are removable and changed depending on your needs.

The aligners are made from different type of material.

Once in your mouth they apply gradually pressure to the teeth and move them into their final straight position.

Clear braces are that not only control forces, they force the teeth to position. This makes that the treatment takes less time.


"There are hundreds of languages in the world, but a smile speaks them all."



How long the treatment takes?

The length of the treatment directly depends on each patient needs. The timeline can be faster if you follow all the instructions that the specialist gives you.

Can I eat with the clear braces?

No, The aligners are removable so every time you eat or drink is necessary to take it out.

My clear braces affect my ability to speak?

Not at all, you can speak as always maybe the first days feels different but after 2 or 3 days you speak clearly.

How long does each clear braces is usable?

Depends, when the aligner start feels loose is time to change it.

How long is necessary to wear the clear braces every day?

The recommendation is to remove the aligners only for eat and drink and use for the rest of the time

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