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Root Canal

Root Canal – Dadeland, Miami – Up To 50% Off

At Affordable Dental Near Me, Dadeland, patients ask, “my tooth pains a lot, do I require a root canal?” Toothaches can be excruciating. The pain makes it tough to chew or talk. As a family dentist in Miami, FL, we know that most people can live with a cavity until it suddenly turns a corner and converts intolerable. (786) 681-1007

The key is to visit Affordable Dental Near Me, Dadeland, Miami, at that beginning stage before you reach need to have a Root-canal and severe ache. We’ll treat the cavity and probably avoid the need to have a Root-canal. To schedule an appointment with our family dental clinic, call (786) 681-1007


What is a Root Canal?

A Root-Canal method that involves repairing and saving a tooth that is critically weakened or is infected. During a Root-Canal treatment, the pulp and nerve are extracted. The core of the tooth is cleaned and disinfected later, sealed with a dental crown.


Root canals are vital for a cracked tooth from injury or genetics, a deep cavity, or issues extended from past fillings. Patients need a Root-Canal treatment when their teeth have become sensitive to hot and cold sensations.

Visit Affordable Dental Near Me, Dadeland consult a Root-Canal dentist if you see any of the below symptoms of the root canal:

Root Canal - Causes

Dark gums

Deep decay

A chipped tooth

Swollen gums

Pain while chewing or biting

Sensitivity to hot or cold food items

Sometimes difficulties as such can exist without any warning signs.

At Affordable Dental Near Me, Dadeland, our team, will take a Digital X-ray during a regular dental checkup that will unveil the tooth damage.

What happens in a Root-Canal treatment?

Learn more about this quick procedure. We at Affordable Dental Dadeland concentrate on easing your pain and protecting your natural tooth from damage.


TOur team at Affordable Dental Dadeland, are well trained with local anesthesia; Once you receive local anesthesia, a root canal procedure is not painful than a regular dental procedure. However, a Root-Canal is usually a bit sore after the method.

Call and visit our Magnificent team.

Dental Implant OR Root Canal?

Dental implants are artificial teeth or teeth that can replace a tooth or teeth. The damaged teeth are removed, and the dental implants are placed in your jawbone.

People ask, “should I do a root canal or remove the tooth and place a dental implant.”

The response to this question is based on the individual case. Our Dentist will inspect and advise each person the best way to treat the issues.

Call now (786) 681-1007 and schedule an appointment with our family dental clinic.

Can I go to work or school or after getting a root canal?

You will most likely be numb for 2-4 hours after the Root Canal treatment, most patients can resume their work or school immediately following a root canal treatment.

How much does a root canal cost?

The cost varies on the complexity of the infection. But at Affordable Dental Near me, we are always affordable.


We treat everyone in our diverse community equally. Our patients, their families, friends, and associates are treated with dignity and respect.


We keep the highest standards and professionalism. We believe personal responsibility and customer service builds the trust our patients want in a great dental clinic.


We treat our patients, their families, and co-workers with understanding and empathy.


Paya Dental Care is committed to maintaining your oral, emotional, and spiritual well-being.